• Candida Quiz: Candida Types

    Believe it or not, there isn’t just one type of candidiasis, and there are different types occurring in the skin, mouth, as a yeast infection in the vagina, etc. In any case, when it comes to symptoms, the location of the condition and its severity can be an essential detail. So, what are the different types of candida? First is the oral thrush, which, as the name suggests, is an infection that happens in the mouth. Of course, when you go through the symptom section of a yeast infection quiz,you will be able to recognize if you have any matching ones. It is also called oropharyngeal candidiasis, and you are looking for patches in the tongue, gums, and tongue, inflammation or redness, mild bleeding, loss of taste, soreness or pain, a weird, cottony feeling inside your mouth, and pain when you swallow things.

    Now you can’t list all the symptoms you have, so when you test out on a Yeast Infection Quiz, it can be beneficial. Another type is the infection in the skin, also known as Cutaneous Candidiasis. Now candida thrives in moist and warm environments. Because of this, skin yeast infection occurs most of the time in between folds of the skin, like the back of the knee, elbows, etc. The symptoms of skin yeast infection are inflamed skin (which can also cause skin cracks), itch and peel, circular red patches which are also surrounded by red pustules, and hair loss (if the infection takes place in the scalp).


    Vaginal yeast infection is a more common infection and is also known as vaginal candidiasis. As for the symptoms, there are the clumpy and white discharge, itching and soreness in the area, discomfort and pain during urination and sexual intercourse. If youare not sure whether you have vaginal candidiasis, make sure to test out a candida quiz.

    The other type of candida infection is called Candidemia, which is a candida infection that occurs in the bloodstream. Now, this is a bit trickier, and the symptoms can vary according to which area the condition is happening in, but thegeneral ones are chills and fever. It can cause low blood pressure, shallow and rapid breathing, and elevated heart rate.

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